2002-2003 Period
2003 Vintage
There was no significant frost during winter and spring. The main feature of the vintage was the extreme and prolongued heat wave during the months of July and August. This temperatures produced significant ripening modifications with less acidity, higher sugar content than usual and earlier harvesting than the average year.

Due to the lack of significant rainfall during the summer, vines suffered extreme evapotranspiration, with loss of leaves mainly in the younger vines. This lack of rainfall also produced excellent sanity for the grapes with no botrytis problems.

2001-2002 Period
2001 Vintage
Winter had extreme temperatures and low rainfall, being one of the hardest in the last 30 years down to -16 C. Low temperatures were present until May. There was some rain between March and May but below average for the season.

During June there were rather high temperatures with colder weather during the rest of the summer period.

During September and October, heavy rain appeared that caused significant botrytis attacks. Finally, there were two days in early September with frost of -4C. All these events caused for early harvesting.

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