Given the quality standard for raw material that O Fournier Winery and Vineyards possesses, we conduct a thorough inspection of the handling of our vines. Due to the soil's weakness, the vine's age, the plantation frames and the prunin g, their productivity never exceeds 4.000 Kg per Ha. Our goal is to keep it under those numbers. This performance ensures a very interesting quality potential for our grapes. The mid-term goal is to control our entire grape production, whether by having our own estates (we hope to continue acquiring high quality vineyards) or by signing long-term contract s with local producers.

Local producers will always be selected on the basis of having excellent quality grapes and an average vine production of 1 - 1,5 Kg, in addition to being willing to conduct the estate handling that our specialists consider adequate.

Their joint collaboration to provide outstanding care for the grapes and vines (limiting fertilization, treatment and watering, eliminating green bunches and hand-tying done by our employees) allows our winery to obtain ou t standing quality grapes from our own vineyards as well as from associated vineyards.

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