The Ribera del Duero region, where the estate is located, is at an approximate altitude of 700 to 800 masl. This altitude produces an extreme climate change between day and night (an approximate difference of 18º to 20º C) helping to produce wines with an excellent color, structure, acidity and suitable for aging in barrels.

The climate is continental with an Atlanti influence. The rainfall is moderate, from 400 to 600 mm per year, mainly is Spring and Autumn, with sporadic precipitations is form of storms during Summer. The average insolation is approximatey 2,200 hours of clear sunny days, allowing excellent grape ripeness.

The rigors of the climate, with the aforementioned temperature differences and low precipitations, determine low but high quality grape yields.

In general, the soils of our Rivera del Duero vineyards vary significantly but the predominant type is rocky, calcareous, sandy and clay. Most of the soils have very low organic material component, making it easier to obtain quality grapes.

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