This winery is located on a 650-acre farm in the district of San Carlos, 80 miles from Mendoza City, Argentina. This site is very scenic for tourists: the natural landscape at the Andes foothills is a plain with breathtaking views of the mountain peaks, covered by snow most of the year and the cultural landscape is typical of the oases in Mendoza.

The tour starts when you discover the building at a distance, with the mountains as a backdrop all around. It goes on with a series of visits through the interior of the winery, and it reaches its climax when you get to the gate of the tunnel, which automatically opens into an impressive and unexpected cellar, at 33 feet underground. The visit ends when you come up again and are welcome by a lake reflecting the majestic Andes range reappearing there.

The winery is open for tourists daily (including holidays) from 9.00 to 18.00hs.
- Languages: English and Spanish.
- Private and group tours (charge)
- Visits with previous reservation only.
- Facilities for handicapped visitors.
- Parking for cars and buses.
- Wine shop.
- Tastings.
- 3 Conference rooms.


Urban Restaurant, in O. Fournier, was opened in October, 2006. It is part of the Tourist Center, together with an underground lounge and the private wine cellar. You may access to the restaurant through the stairs from the winery or through the main entrance. Its glazed, cubicle structure next to a lake and its sober and minimalist decoration let the Andes be the protagonist, so that the 60 guests have the chance to admire them from any angle. On warm days, the restaurant opens its outdoor deck so you can have lunch by the lake and enjoy the soft fresh breeze and the murmur of the water. The restaurant has two VIP lounges for private meetings or lunches, and handicapped-accessible bathrooms.

The seasonal menu has been designed by the chef, also the owner of the restaurant, together with her assistant. They offer a well-balanced, delicious and original menu and provide the best service. Each of the menus is made up of six steps, combining two cooking trends which show the cultures coexisting in the winery at all times: Argentine and Mediterranean-Spanish cultures, perfectly matching with our Urban, Bcrux and Alfa Crux.

In order to provide the highest quality, we always choose the freshest products in the area, some of them, right from our own orchard. Being consistent with this principle, the food and the bread are made fresh daily. The restaurant is meant to be a place open to the community, where different gastronomic, cultural or social events may be held.

"Urban at O. Fournier" restaurant has certainly received excellent recognition for its quality. It obtain Gold Medal at the "Best of-Great Wine Capitals" contest representing Argentina in the world finals. The restaurant was at the top of the list of "Best Restaurants at Wineries" by Wine Access magazine. Nadia Haron, Executive Chef at "Urban at O. Fournier", is a leading chef in Latin America. Her other restaurant in Mendoza, "Nadia O.F." was selected "Best Restaurant in Argentina" by the Argentine Academy of Gastronomy.

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